Reasonable Precautions Condition - Did you know Part 32 - BERADER Properties blog

In this blog we will look at another very important General Condition and Provision- the Reasonable Precautions Condition. 

The insured has a duty to take steps to maintain his property and all effort must be made to keep the insured property in a good state of repair. The client must also take all reasonable steps to prevent legal liability.

The onus lies on the insured to repair faults and defects to items such as roofs, gutters, drains, water pipes etc.

The Reasonable Precautions wording reads as follows:


You as well as your employees, representatives and agents, must do all that you reasonably can do to prevent legal liability, or loss or damage to the insured property, and to maintain such property in a sound condition and in a good state of repair, including repairing faults or fixing defects to items such as (but not limited to) roofs, gutters, drains, water pipes and tiled areas when they leak or need repairs.

Remember insurance is not a maintenance contract.