Please be advised that, following the President’s announcement of a National lockdown starting at midnight on 26 March 2020, our offices will be closed until after the shutdown period. - BERADER Properties blog

This means that, effective from Thursday, 26 March 2020, we will be operating in accordance with our contingency plan. Our systems and software are all online which enables us to continue working remotely, to the best possible degree, to provide for urgent and important services to ensure we can continue operating without undue disruption.

We do, however, kindly request your patience and understanding in regards to our capabilities and our service levels, under the current circumstances.

We have broken this down into some main categories for ease of reference:

Security Services: We have approached the security companies and they have been advised that there will be no disruptions to the security services.

Gate & Electric Fences: Entrance gate repairs and electric fences are a concern as this may impact the security of the complex (this again may be deemed an essential service) and we are in the process of sourcing contractors that will be able to assist our complexes in urgent cases.

Meter readings (Where applicable): For many of our complexes, meter readings in the month of April will not be possible but we have asked the meter readers to read as many complexes as possible over the past 3 days. Complexes/Units, where the meter readers were unable to get to, will have an estimate or the same utility charges on the May billing period as they did on the April billing period. Rest assured, as the meters are analog meters, these readings and charges will automatically self-correct on the June 2020 billing run.

Levy arrears: We understand that these unprecedented times may have a devastating effect on the economy and peoples’ jobs. Unfortunately, the Act does not provide for any sort of relief on levies as the complex would still need to pay for essential services. One can imagine the devastating effect it will have on the complex’s cashflow if 5-10% of the owners stop paying. As such, our approach will be to continue collecting levies but we will be considerate to owners that contact our offices and offer to set up reasonable payment plans.

Good neighbourliness: Lastly, during this lockdown period, we urge all residents to be considerate and exercise patience towards one's neighbours (and in particular excessive noise levels and rowdiness).

Communication: May we kindly request that communication be done via E-mail as far as possible. You can also use the “My Complex Portal”, go to:-

With that in mind and as per the President's directive, stay indoors during this lockdown period Stay Safe and keep healthy.

Kind regards

Berader Management Team
E-mail: berader@icon.co.za